Identification of practical life goals

It is always recommended that a person do not set unrealistic goals for his financial plan which may seem achievable even in the most favorable conditions. The success of a financial plan depends on how practical the life goal is, keeping in mind the ground reality related to income and expenses of a household.

Balancing risk and returns while planning financial investments

Higher the risk, higher the gain. But this does not mean that a person should get lured in the bait of higher returns and shift all his finances to riskier mediums. It is recommended to have an ideal mix of rewarding and safe investment in a financial plan to be safe from shocks due to the risk related to investment in a highly rewarding medium. A perfect financial plan is one, which effectively manage risk and return equation in favor of life goals.

Review and revision of financial plan

Periodic review and revision is pre-requisite for the success of a financial plan and fulfillment of life goals. Often in life, situations change and with the changing circumstances, it is necessary that a financial plan is looked again for changes and adjustments according to change in lifestyle of an individual or household.

Early bird opportunity

The earlier you start, the more rewarding a financial plan would be for an individual. Financial planning works on the concept of availing the time value of money through compounding. This means that the earlier you plan, the longer money works for you and the longer money remains invested, the more amount it accumulates. Small periodical savings at a young age would be much more beneficial than lump sum savings at a later stage in life.


Be punctual, periodical and timely in your savings for ensuring you gain maximum out of a financial plan. No one can time his finances in his favor, so it is essential to start saving periodically in order to gain maximum out of a financial plan to fulfill your dreams on time.

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